High-End Smartwatch Is 5x Less, And Just As Powerful. No Wonder It's The New Craze In The United States!

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Have you ever found yourself completely shocked due to the insane price tags of “high-end” smartwatches? We believe big brand names are going crazy about prices without giving you any real added benefits for the higher cost.

Thankfully, the industry is seeing a change. A new smartwatch is on the market and it’s promising to deliver high-end value at an extraordinarily low cost to consumers all over the world...

Initially we weren't even going to test this watch, as the brand and its creators were still very unknown to us. We just didn't want to waste our precious time...

However, at a get-together we noticed an old colleague of ours wearing one of these watches: "Try it, it's better than you think!", he said, adding that "Can you imagine how they managed to pull it off? I believe they must be going out of business at these prices...

Even with our old colleauge vouching, we remained quite skeptical about the capabilities of the TechWatch. After all, how could such an affordable watch really beat its rivals, priced at around 5x of its price?...

TechWatch claims that sophisticated and elegant SmartWatches don't have to cost hundreds. Can it really be priced at 5x lower than other leading smartwatch models and still beat them in a head-to-head comparison? Keep on reading to find out...

Quick Summary: If you are looking for an exquisite timepiece to complement your lifestyle, without wanting to spend tremendous amounts of money, then TechWatch is an excellent choice. Its premium casing rivals high-end smartwatches such as the Apple Watch, while its advanced features, including heart rate monitor, fitness activity tracker, sleep monitor and even a personal voice assistant (along with 20+ other features) provide impeccable functionality. Inventory is limited, so get yours today with our 50% discount and free shipping.

We took advantage of the 50% off discount and free shipping and had one delivered to our office. Here is what we found:

TechWatch Is Truly One Of A Kind

This new smartwatch has extreme potential – it is everything you ever wanted and more! If you don’t want to pay solely for a gadget from a well-known brand like Apple just because it’s made by Apple, then TechWatch is what you're looking for. It has even more features than the Apple Watch, but you will not have to break your bank when ordering this new technological invention! The creators of TechWatch have developed a breakthrough smartwatch that is selling out every minute because of its key features and its sleek design.

Key Features

  • Health: Heart Rate Monitor, ECG, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Alert
  • Safety: Anti Lost
  • Free time: Calendar, Alarm, BT Music, Calculator, Phonebook Sync, Call Logs, SMS, Notifications, Gestures, Stopwatch
  • Fitness: Advanced Fitness Application
  • Reliability: 3 to 5 days battery life (depending on usage)
  • Interactive Touch Display
  • Compatible with iOS/Android

All of these features make sure that you have a product of the best quality. The TechWatch also features two special designs in male and female to match the most stylish top-of-market designs. Its top and bottom are made of glass, and they’re both scratch resistant so that you don’t have to worry about damaging it easily. Also, the long battery life will make sure that your buddy never dies on you when it’s most needed – for example, before your alarm is about to ring.

Apple Has Nothing On TechWatch

TechWatch > Apple Watch 5

Firstly, it’s a few hundred dollars cheaper, so it’s nice to know that an investment like this will not leave you penniless! Besides having the same features (including the internal memory of 16GB), TechWatch’s battery life lasts 2 days longer! If you’re still not convinced, TechWatch also features Advanced Health Tracking designed to help you reach your fitness goals.

For a further comparison, let’s take the Fitbit Versa 2...

TechWatch > Fitbit Versa 2

This one is not even a fair fight. Fitbit’s internal memory is only 2.5GB in comparison with TechWatch’s 16GB! It also does not let you control your music and does not feature a built-in speaker and microphone for your phone calls! Finally, Fitbit will cost you at least a hundred more, and there’s really no sound reason to pay more for a product that has a lower quality than TechWatch.

Aiming For Good Health?

Features such as the sleep monitor and the electrocardiogram (ECG) allow you to monitor your sleep pattern and check your heart rate as often as you like. The electrocardiogram feature lets you do a physical examination that only takes a minute of your time. Now you can do one whenever you feel dizzy, have a tightness in your chest or any other kind of discomfort.

The sleep monitor gives you information that you can easily share with your doctor and find out whether there is anything you can do to improve your sleep quality and your health. Beauty sleep is important too – and now even more accessible than ever!

Is It Worth It?

Do you even have to ask? Tried and tested by our team and our customers, the watch satisfies anyone from a couch potato to a fitness enthusiast! It’s stylish, easy to use, affordable, and a great competitor with the other smartwatches out there.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that works well and can be mistaken for an Apple watch because of that, then this is the right fit for you. Its features allow you to organize your day, track your health, and do it all while listening to some good music.

What Results Can I Expect?

There's a reason why smartwatches are a hot item right now. It has been shown that users who use smartwatches drastically improve their lifestyles. Users of smartwatches have reported easier stress management, more free time, better sleep quality, and increased productivity and organization skills. You should expect these same improvements.

How Could It Be So Affordable?

The creators of TechWatch worked hard to find the best manufacturers and the most affordable price. Because of this, they can assure you that this elegant smartwatch will deliver everything we have promised. One thing they did not do, is mark up the selling price of the watch to something astronomical. This is exactly what bigger brands like Apple do. They know people will buy their products at high prices because of the brand name. Instead, you can get a smartwatch that is just as good or better for a reasonable price!

Customers Love TechWatch

Image result for i love my apple watch

"There was no way I was going to pay €628 for an Apple Watch. When I found out about TechWatch through my friend, I decided to try it. I have no complaints. It seems to be almost the same as any other smartwatch" - Jenny, United Kingdom

Conclusion: TechWatch provides the smart consumer the opportunity to get the same functionality and luxury at an affordable price. And while we usually sell TechWatch for 2x more, we are offering a special deal to our online readers. We are so excited for everyone to get their hands on their own TechWatch, we are offering it today for 50% off! However, we have been notified by the advertiser that inventory may sell out quickly at this discounted price. So make sure to get yours before they run out.

It is clear why millions of people are switching to TechWatch! Make 2020 your best yet with this amazing smartwatch.

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  • Giovanni C.: I'm extremely happy with my TechWatch. It looks beautiful... really gives you a premium feel.
  • Jane F.: TechWatch is amazing. Not only is the design phenomenal, but the health trackers are very useful, too. It helps me stay active and I can use it to quickly send texts when on the road. Impressive device!
  • Christopher M. Jr.: I love it - got 5 for a discounted price! My whole family now has a TechWatch :)


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